Karla Jorissen may be a new author but this read, The Money Slick, places her right on  top of the pile. I rarely get excited when reading Crime fiction but now and then something comes along that restores my faith in human creativity. This is one of those moments.

Candy and Lexy, two best friends hit the road, running from their loser boyfriends, without knowing that they are about to have the ride of their lives. Jimmy and Cal are two drug runners for Sven and they are back across the border when they realize that they have lost a case that held their entire loot- a cool two million dollars!

Through fate, or sheer luck, Candy and her friend find the case along a dark, wet road and when they decide to keep it, they place their lives in instant danger.

In the meantime, Candy’s boyfriend, Chad, accompanied by Lexy’s boyfriend, Darren, is determined to find the two women and teach them a lesson for their insolence. Somehow, Chad believes Candy had something to do with him being locked up.

Reggie’s sole mission in life is to find and kill Chad because he believes that Chad murdered his sister years back.

The fate of these people will be intertwined in one epic journey, as each party tries to protect their interests. Before long, limbs are broken and bodies start piling up.

Will Candy and Lexy succeed in keeping their lives, and the money?

The thrills, twists and a very clean plot makes this book a very exciting read!



Karla Jorissen may not be a popular author but with this kind of writing, it will become a household name pretty soon. I loved the easy prose, the choice of words and the humor. Vivid description of scenes in a manner that wasn’t boring or drab was a good thing- i tend to skip descriptions in many books because the authors do not capture my imagination well. Karla writes the way you speak, making her book fresh and intriguing.

This particular book has a set of strong characters, and their relationship among them has been captured perfectly. My favorite was Chad. His demeanor was hard to ignore, his out bursts, temper and quick on the trigger disposition made him a delight to read.

I have read numerous books on crime and pulp fiction. Sometimes I feel that it would take pure genius to surprise me and keep me interested in a piece of work but i keep proving myself wrong.

My Rating:  7/10

This is a book worth recommending for your next read. Grab your copy from and enjoy!