Trust our professional, proven web copywriters to craft your original web page copy.

One of the major reasons why sites fail to rank is lack of good web pages. I assist you in this by designing original web page copy for your website.

What is offered in this package

SEO friendly web pages, designed to assist you rank on Google

Reader-focused content designed to capture attention of your readers and push ranking

Clean copy clear of grammatical mistakes and typos – we guarantee that.

I have written hundreds of web pages for different forms of websites in different industries (Technical, reviews, social). You can ask for sample before you make your purchase. The copy you buy is designed to push your website’s visibility up and assist you in your ranking.

 Pricing packages

UP TO 100 WORDS      – $10

100 TO 250 WORDS     – $ 25

250 TO 500 WORDS     – $ 35

500 TO 750 WORDS     – $ 50

750 TO 1000 WORDS   – $ 70

Included in all packages

Meta description for social media preview

Tags (up to 5)

web copy package
What to include in your description

Number of web pages needed

Website Url

Type of content needed

Keywords to use, if available

Target for your content

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